My struggle with writing (1)

Ankit Bhandari, PhD
3 min readAug 5, 2021
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This is the first in the series of stories I am going to self-publish in Medium, to continue my writing streak. Whenever I struggle with writing something new and creative, this series will be a playground for me.

I have been reading articles about tips on earning money through Medium, and a most common one that I found was to write every day. At first, I was shocked, since I find it hard to generate good ideas every day. But, then, maybe that’s what experienced writers do. Maybe they have this system of thought process which allows them to generate cool ideas whenever they want to. But, I am only a beginner. While an experienced writer might produce great quality stuff every day, I find it hard to even produce 3 articles per week. Maybe I am trying to be a perfectionist. Maybe I am not confident. So here I am trying to be better, trying to write.

Today, I am going to write about why I chose to write.

It seems writing has a good effect on my mind. It not only helps me think and arrange my thoughts, it also gives me a peace of mind. I wonder how putting your thoughts on a piece of paper, or even typing them on your laptop, can do such a miracle. I guess, this has something to do with how our brains work. The world is a chaos out there. There is so much happening outside my brain; and my brain is always trying to hypothesize, imagine and model, what is happening out there and how it is going to affect me in the near future. My brain is trying to create these mental models so that I can live peacefully. The funny irony is that this makes me anxious, thinking about what is going to happen next; am I going to get this job that I am applying for, is my project going to succeed, is this new idea going to work, am I ever going to become better in what I am doing, and so on. Typing words on my laptop screen helps me put all of these thoughts in one place. These thought patterns are now solidified. I have captured them in this two-dimensional Medium (pun intended!), and now they cannot do anything to me.

Another reason I write could be that I want to express myself. I guess, this is an innate human nature to want to reach out to people, to have a sense of belonging, to connect to people, to feel the presence of another lonely person. Sense of belonging to a community is so important for our survival in this…

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